Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OK so here is my deal with what went down in Orlando last knight. LeBron, is very much the best player in the NBA when he is on his game, but intertwined within his brilliance he has a tendancy to make some dumb plays, i.e. 12 turnovers in a row during overtime. Did you see him dribble accross the timeline and try to complete a 45 foot pass only to be picked off by "Skip To My Lou?" For real the Cavs scored the first bucket of OT then it seemed like not again until there were 45 seconds left. I'm just calling him out for making some bonehead plays, because it seems like no one else has the balls to say when he loses a game. Granted the Cavs aren't in OT without his play, BUT they also don't have to go to OT without his 8 turnovers! And Dwight Howard? There is just something about the guy that I don't like? I have no idea what it is, but I just don't think he's a superstar. I think if you put him on any number of teams he just blends in. Somehow I still think that the Majik (sorry I still love Dan Majkowski) will find a way to lose the series though. I don't know if it is my undying love for LeBron or my hatred for moste everyone in Orlando, but I think the Cavs will make a comeback.

Also in a completely related story, Cincinnati radio is at an alltime low as far as this guy is concerned. First 1530 Homer fires all of their sports talk guys and goes with horrible syndicated guys, then they shut down 94.9 errr 97.3 The Sound! I had the wife contact The Dunnerette (my media information source) to see if I was true, only to be crushed as it definitely was gone for good! So as I am driving to get my work vehicle "serviced" today and I was listening to the radio, I realize THERE ARE NO MORE DECENT RADIO STATIONS! I liked The Sound, they played good music with not a ton of commercials or DJ's trying to sell you crap or get you to enter a contest. I thought they had a good gameplan and would be around for a while. One time Wild Man Walker and I were talking (no really we were) and he told me that they wouldn't be around that long. Me and The Dunner looked at eachother as if to say "dude is smoking crack" and guess what he was right! The only station left that is (sometimes) bearable is 96Rock and even they get annoying. I guess I am going to have to buy my first CD in 7 years and listen to that in the car.

Long live Wildman Walker, you fat nostrodamous-like bastard!

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Weeks in a row is a streak!

There are a lot of reasons to watch the NBA Playoffs, the Most Valuable Puppets might be the greatest reason (besides The Birdman (if you don’t know who the Birdman is you NEED TO WATCH THE LA - DENVER SERIES!!!)).

Wall Faceplant After Diving Catch - Watch more Funny Videos
Well atleast the wall was padded. Here is a tip for all you Japanese guys out there... If dude headbuts a wall in full sprint, DON'T TOUCH HIM!!!

Bikini Babe Fails At Backflip - Watch more Funny Videos
I guess she was in training to... "Ride the snake..." Justin is laughing right now. Just him.

Powerful Potato Gun To The Face - Watch more Funny Videos
Contrary to popular belief, this is not the best way to unload a potato(e) gun.

I have an erection. Now the the 4th is coming up is it safe to say that we are getting our explosives from these chicks this year??? Dibs on Boom, Boom!

Someone mentioned the celebrity jeopardy this week, maybe the best ever???

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back By Popoular Deman... Well, Just Back!

Gynecologist Dr. Bummer's $69 Bid - Watch more Funny Videos
They said the show would go down hill after Bob left... I guess they were right. Drew Carey proves once again, 69 jokes. STILL FUNNY!

Pitcher Stops Line Drive With Her Face - Watch more Funny Videos
Ladie and Gentlemen I give you, the ONLY double play in fastpitch softball history!

Even ESPN thinks it's funny!

Tony Danza! Still a prick 15 years later! No wonder Angela wouldn't give you any!

With Justin Timberlake hosting last week you knew they were going to try to top Dick in a Box. Well they didn't, but it was still pretty funny.