Friday, July 31, 2009

Brought my A Game!

Hippie Weirdo Yoga Farmer - Watch more Funny Videos
What the hell is this??? If you watch the whole video, it just gets creepier and creepier. Wait is that a Rasta-Cock? Never mind, best video ever!

Hilarious Shake Weight Exercise for Women - Watch more Funny Videos
Wow. Who thinks of this stuff???

Box Stunt Leads to Broken Wrist - Watch more Funny Videos
So Simon is this what you meant when you said not to put your hand down when you are falling?

You’re doing it wrong.

This kid has some moves. Riley now has something to live up too…

We saw the first Jackass, but this is Number 2.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Not a Great Week, (they can't all be last week!)

Darth Hammer.

Gun Recoil Knockout - Watch more Funny Videos
This guy might be the biggest moron I’ve ever seen…

Self Inflicted Face Plant - Watch more Funny Videos
Huh? Don’t put your hands down you girl!

I would say that one of these kids is my boy, but none of them are COVERED IN DROOL!!!

You got knocked the fuuhhh out!!! STOP CRYING!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Bad

Soo, would it be better if the little kids were sliding INTO the crotch???

I think part of the problem with my sports addiction is how I get hooked and drawn in by a story. I become fascinated with all aspects of the story and cheer vigorously for the team/person that I’m watching. Of course the problem for that particular team/person is that they then lose. It has happened again, and Tom Watson… You’re Welcome! And “My Bad.” I loosely followed the British Open Thursday and Friday and thought that a 59 year old man leading a Major after 2 days was interesting. Saturday we had no plans until we left for Columbus around 2 and I figured I’d watch until Watson showed his age and let the tournament slip away (I figured this would happen by lunchtime). But guess what, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! When we had to leave I was pissed. So I decided to once again attempt the feat of DVR’ing a sports event and watch it after it happened without finding out the outcome. As we pulled in the driveway Sunday afternoon at 5 I had accomplished this feat and had no idea who won. I then watched the entire day and fast forwarded to Watson’s shots, and dude (with the exception of 3 or 4 shots) was awesome! Again HE IS 59 YEARS OLD!!! He shouldn’t be competing with 30 year olds, he has won PGA SENIOR Tour events!!! Around hole 14 I was certain that Lee Westwood was going to win, but I continued to watch and guess what? Everyone but Tom Watson began to slowly choke away their chance to win… As Watson waited on the 18th tee Stew Cink sank (haha Cink sank) a 25 footer to get to -2 and I thought, oh crap! Watson hit the drive of his life on 18 and walked down the fairway, I had tears in my eyes (I know, I’m a girl get over it!). All he had to do was safely hit his second shot to the front of the green and 2-putt for the win! But guess what, (Tommy I Love you But…) Watson choked. Dude juiced an 8-Iron 190 yards! Are you kidding me? An 8 Iron! For the 3rd time HE IS 59 YEARS OLD!!! In my prime I couldn’t hit an 8 Iron 190. Pretty much the inevitable happened from there. An hour later Stew Cink is holding the Jug and I am PISSED! I thought about playing Tiger10, but couldn’t bring myself to think about golf for the next few hours.

I don’t know exactly why I get soo hooked by a great story, but it always happens. I have never rooted for Tom Watson to win before, but if you saw me yesterday, you would have thought I was the chairman of his fanclub! I’m doing better today, but I’m still a little bummed about it. This is also another problem I have, we'll call it, "day after sporting event letdown." I’m not post-Cotto vs. Margarito bummed (that may be the worst I ever was, mostly because I was afraid he died) but this is close. So here Tom Watson I apologize for my fandome of you this past weekend. Had I simply ignored the tournament (like I could have easily done) you most likely would have accomplished the impossible… My Bad.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to Fridays.

Asian People Doing Christopher Walken Impressions - Watch more Funny Videos
I love Asians, I love Chris Walken, why not combine the two?

Kid Gets Big Air Failing Stunt - Watch more Funny Videos
He miiiight be dead.

Chubby Kid Teaches Skateboard Ollies - Watch more Funny Videos
This is why I don’t skateboard, the crying not the falling…

Watch the slomo replay, what is worse falling in the manhole or having the lid fall directly on your arm??? Haha manhole. P.S. Manhole was also my nickname in college.

I think we opened up for this guy one time at Salamone’s! (RIP Salamone’s).

You is one good malt liqua picka! And with that I might be done with snl clips.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Short Week Again...

If you need me... I'll be...

On a boat!!! All weekend!

Aww Damn. Wait for it… DUDE GOT HAMRICK’D!

Fishing With Dynamite - Watch more Funny Videos
Why did I spend $120 at Bass Pro, when I could have gotten some boom boom, bang bang, and caught more fish. That’s hoootttt!

Powerful 110 Roman Candle Cannon - Watch more Funny Videos
Things we’re gonna need for the 4th next year, 125 Roman Candles, Roll of Duct Tape and a skin graft kit! On a side note, Man Cannon was my nickname in college! P.S. Thanks to Sam Hunter for editing that. Why do d-bags see the need to put their names on the videos???

Girl Can't Jump Dry Creek - Watch more Funny Videos
Powerbomb! Courtesy of Captain Insano!

Dude Fails At Dunking - Watch more Funny Videos
Dang. Short but effective.

Not the classic, but still great!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Videos. Technically a day early.

This is why Phil makes millions and you shot a 113 at Winton Woods… Too bad he 4-putted from there.

Male Gymnastic Routine Fails - Watch more Funny Videos
I swear we’ve seen this as part of a ladder match at Wrestle Mania. This is why there should be no such thing as “male gymnastics”.

Balls Of Steel - Watch more Funny Videos
We all love a good nutshot compilation. I’ve posted some of these videos, but had no idea that they were the same dude. Spoiler alert, the impossible happens at the end…

I love live television.

The Little Chef Drummer Boy - Watch more Funny Videos
This was kind of what it was like at the Callahan dinner table when Brian and I were little girls… Only we were white guys with NO rhythm!

This goes back a while.