Saturday, April 25, 2009

All together now... Maualuga.

Let me tell you how fired up I am about Rey Maualuga! Dude is a freak. I may have just found my next Bengals jersey!

Wow. I'm in.


These Kids < Number2. But still shreadding for 9 year olds. This kid sounds better than Asian Steve Perry.

So Family Guy writers are always high... Ohhhhhh now I get it.

OK so I thought about posting this video a while ago, but thought it might be over the line. After discussing it with guys a week or so ago, I realized... I was wrong!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday! Dug Some Holes, Took Some Vicodin, NOW VIDEOS!!!

Big Chick Belly Flops Off Slip-N-Slide - Watch more Funny Videos

Goofy-Looking Kid Performs Amazing Backflip - Watch more Funny Videos
This is how you perform a backflip... IN JORTS!!!

Kid Doesn't Think His Friend Will Jump - Watch more Funny Videos
No way. That did not just happen. Dude's next video was of him coughing up a testicle!

Kid Whacked In Face With Ball - Watch more Funny Videos
I don't know what the goal was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't accomplished.

Like a Boss!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Say it with me now... Bemidji.

One in a Million Basketball Shot - Watch more Funny Videos
This shot > Northwest full court shot (that was after the buzzer).

First Time Dirtbiker Faceplants Into Fence - Watch more Funny Videos
Now that's a well built deck! Mikey did we build that one too???

Sooooooooooo... would you???

Why did I not do this at my wedding?


Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Videos.

So I've broken yet another promise. I'll never do it again, wink!

Amazing Off-the-Wall Bball Swish - Watch more Funny Videos
I can do that.

Kimmel Beats LeBron’s Half Court Shot - Watch more Funny Videos
Jinmmy > LeBron!

Damn! He got Hamricked!

Worst First Pitch In Baseball History - Watch more Funny Videos
Here’s hoping that Mark Mallory is nowhere near GABP today! Don’t screw it up Dick LeGay.

Nick showed me this last knight. Classic! Animal loves Coke!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Hate Life.



I’m jealous! I hate the fact that on this day I would (gulp!) rather be a UK fan than a UC fan! This feeling sucks. You know, the feeling that we will NEVER have the feeling that UK fans have right now. Any UK fan in their right mind would give their left ball for basketball season to start tomorrow. I on the other hand will need the next 7 months to cleanse myself of another horrible final 6 “basketball” games of UC’s season. I just wish that sometime in my lifetime UC would do something remotely as big (and positive) as what UK did yesterday. I know it won’t happen, but a boy can wish right?

When I was aboot 7 years old I went through a 3 week phase where I tried (my damndest) to be a UK fan. My best friend Derek Schreiber was a huge UK fan and I kind of wanted to be like him and have a similar interest. I had 1 UK outfit, which I wore every other day. Sweat-shorts and a strange looking UK t-shirt (complete with wildcat tongue-penis). After those 3 weeks I just realized that there were certain people who were put on this planet to be UK fans (rednecks) and I simply wasn’t one of them. Right now as I write this, I wish I hadn’t given up. I’d currently be sitting on 2 National Championships (since my entry into fanhood) which is 1 more (Reds have 1) than all of my other teams COMBINED! And UK WILL win 2 in the next 5 years. Look here’s the deal, I LOVE John Calipari, I have since he was at UMASS. Dude is just a solid coach, and flat out the best recruiter in the nation. But here’s my fear, John Calipari + UK = not fair for the rest of the NCAA. UK even with a bad coach (Billy Gillispie) recruits itself just by tradition and recognition. John Calipari has recruited multiple 5 start recruits IN THE SAME YEAR for the past 5 years at Memphis. Memphis, yes Memphis, remember when they were Memphis State? Not a school with basketball tradition and he turned them into a powerhouse in 5 years AND THEY PLAY IN CONFERENCE USA! Kids want to play on the big stage and a Thursday knight game at Tulane, TCU or Houston is not exactly a big stage, and he still got them to come to MEMPHIS! Can you imagine what he will do at one of the most storied schools in one of the best conferences in the nation? I’m thinking that his walk-ons will be 5-star recruits! I heard that KG and Kobe just committed to UK for next year (they have eligibility left). Fact is the competitive scales just tipped big time, and it’s just a matter of time before those obnoxious rednekked (I stopped at 2 K’s to avoid offending some people) UK fans return to WalMart to buy their officially unlicensed UK t-shirts, wife beaters , and trucker caps with fake pony tails sewn in to the back.