Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cincinnati Reds... Catch The Fever!!!

Yeee to the Ikes! Not sure if anyone endured the pain of listening to the first Reds game yesterday, but I did. I know they always say, "don't put too much stock in this, it's only the first game," but I can't help it, I'm just a negative person. In my world the sky is ALWAYS falling, especially the sports world.

My favorite point in the game may have been early on when Jeff Brantley (whom I think is the best thing to happen to Reds broadcasting in years) said after a number of reds had gone down swinging "This early in spring alot of players strikeout because pitchers are so far ahead of batters." Then almost on cue the top of the inning ends, and in from the bullpen trots the Magic Man, Gary MaJEWski. He promptly gives up 6 runs on what seemed to be 27 hits in like 5 minutes. Here's what my office sounded like as this was going on, "Hey Brad can you hel... double to right, single, ding ding (my email going off) single up the middle, double, DICK POLE visits the mound (finally), triple, hey an out! ding ding (it was Lindsey) double, single, Dusty comes out to relieve the pain with Coutlangis, HOME RUN!" Good thing the pitchers are ahead of the hitters or that could've gotten ugly!

I guess what bothered me about the situation is this, as much as I hate Majewski, he kind of got thrown to the wolves. If you are Dusty and you have a pitched who is coming off of a year and a half of not throwing alot don't just run him out there with no backup. Put him in the game and have Coutlangis start throwing now, I couldn't believe they let the Phils get 5 hits off Majewski before anyone got off their arse in the bullpen! This early in spring training there is no reason for a reliever to face more than 5-6 batters, or maybe let them work themselves out of a jamb, but in this case majewski wasn't even good enough to get himself INTO a jamb, because there was never more than a guy or 2 on base. Anyway, I guess he didn't walk anybody, so that is good!

Oh well rant over... for now!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who's Got My Herb?

Hey guys, if anyone wants to throwdown some 311 Sunday night at Miami, let me or Dunner know. We were thinkin maybe roll (haha roll) up there and hit up a bar before the show and then going to Mullett! I know that not everyone is a huge 311 fan, but even if you just like a song or 2 they are GREAT live, and you get a contact buzz so there you go. I haven't seen them since the great tornado show when I almost died with 8,000 of my closest friends, but I can't wait to see them again. That is all let us know.

Monday, February 25, 2008

BJ's For Everyone!!!

OK so now that I have your attention, we ate dinner at BJ's Brewhouse on Friday Knight. I had the barbecue chicken pizza which was simply good, but not as awesome as the one at Dewy's. I had the "Tour de Beers" sampling all 7, that's right 7 beers in 5 oz. glasses. If you know me this bears a problem, I can only drink ICE COLD beer, so I found myself drinking 35 oz of beer in just under 12 minutes. The best part was that we were eating dinner with... Our Smallgroup, how wonderful, I was drunk before my food came out!!! Not that we all don't drink, but I just found it funny. Here's the sad part though, there were 4 guys there, 3 got "Le Tour" and what did the 4th get??? A freaking margarita!!! Who goes to a brewhouse and gets a margarita? You don't go to Dunkin Donuts and get the breakfast sandwich, you don't go to Burger King and get a fish sandwich, and you don't go to a brewhouse and get anything but a beer. If it's in the name it is law, honestly I don't even know why they offer the margarita. Interestingly enough even the pregnant chicks (both of them) atleast drank rootBEER! not rootmargarita. Overall I would give BJ's a B+, it may have been an A if I had followed my brother's advice and gotten the southwest chicken salad.

What did you do this weekend, BJ's???

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Wearing Them and I Just Did...

This is why I hate Lawyers, somehow some Detschebag lawyer gave me a reason to actually back the Patriots! This moron (maybe Joe Deters brother, his last name is Deters and he is a Cincinnati lawyer) has decided to sue the Patriots, on behalf of some Rams players and even people attending the Super Bowl for video taping the Rams' walkthrough. He went on and on this morning on Mo Eggar's show about how he has a valid case. He used Kurt Warner for example, saying that he is "ENTITLED" to the winner's bonus for the Super Bowl, another $130 G's for the Super Bowl ring that he did not get, any performance bonus that he would have gotten from the Rams for winning the game, and my personal favorite money that he would have gotten on the free agent market as a two time Super Bowl Champion.

Here's the problem, even if the Pats taped their walk through (let's be honest, we all know they did) you cannot assume that they won ONLY because they had that tape. Too many things have to go right to win a Super Bowl, to be able to trace it back to one event. The truly sad part about thewhole situation is that somehow this is going to end up in court and waste an incredible amount of my tax dollars, just like the steroids thing did on capitol hill. I would love for this idiot to give his opening statement and the Judge interrupt him and say, "Not only are you not going to win this case but your client is gonna get fined a million bucks for trying to take a retarded case to court." I don't know if you can say retarted if you are a judge but I would.

So although I was advised not to, I did go to the baby shower and became a 2-time "Baby Bottle Beer Chug CHAMPION!" I hope to regain feeling in my tongue sometime this week.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome... To MY Jungle!

OK so as you may be able to see from the secret poll question, I have unanimous support from people (2 to be exact) telling me that I should actually post stuff on my blog. What started out as a way to get a great little picture next to my name when I posted on other people's blogs has now sprouted into full on blogging. This has not come without rules though (from the wife) as I am not allowed to complain about her on my blog. I tried to explain that the good ol' fashioned way to resolve a problem is clearly on your blog. So I have promised to NEVER mention Lindsey on my blog, oh crap first post and I have already broken my promise.
Anyway, HUGE weekend about to commence, got some big dinner plans for toknight (2nd promise I will always spell toknight the correct way). Saturday is the Pavlik-Taylor rematch, in which I will clearly be pulling for Taylor since he will be the one NOT wearing OSU shorts. Sunday we have a Bowl-a-Thon thingy for the Dunn's nephew, followed by the always exciting, wait for it... COUPLES BABY SHOWER!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Men everywhere need to step it up, if your woman comes to you and says (begin whiny female voice) "I think we should have a couples (insert baby or wedding) shower," you need to put your foot down and rule your house! I'm sure they're gonna make the guys do something dumb like drink out of a sippie cup or whatever so they can all laugh at us, but atleast there will be adult beverages there!

I guess I am supposed to end this with a question so here you go. When we play the game where you guess how many toilet paper squares it takes to go around the pregnant chick, should I guess low (8) or high (27)?

Friday, February 8, 2008


Does this actually work?