Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's kind of Friday! 19 Hours til Nawlins!!!

If you can drift in a Semi, you are pretty much a badass!

I’ve tried to do this, but Ed always catches the blade. I personally love his grunt in slo-mo!

This is better than the kids opening their Nintendo!

Then there is this kid who humps his Xbox at the :50 mark! I think the last 2 videos have proven my point of who’s cooler PS3 guy or Xbox Guy, the answer would be neither!

Wow did KFC just say that you could please a whole bunch of black people with a bucket of chicken? Yikes.

This was my favorite part of Hard Knocks! Who says Marvin is a pushover? Dude I get chills everytime I replay it. Let’s hope he makes a similar speech before Sunday Knights game, and for the playoffs! Who Freakin Dey! Keep lookin down Laverneous’es’es.

Frozen and concussed your life is not good!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some More Pictures.

Since I don't want to hear it from the wife, here's our Christmas picture. That's how a Callahan Christmas goes down, happy baby with KKK hat on, fake fire on the TV, dog on the couch, and too many presents. Welcome to my world!

Damn You soccer! It's too easy people.

Thank You Michigan for your high standards, now if we could just figure out why OSU has so many clogged pipes...


Hmmm, this is what goes down on the Care Bears now? And by "go down" I mean happens, you sick bastards.

Here is a picture of George Hamilton's Mom.

I think I just found my Halloween costume for next year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feliz Navi Christmas! Here's some Videos!

This my friends is what has happened to the homebuilding industry with absolutely no houses to build! Tragic.

Failed Backflip Faceplant Off Trampoline - Watch more Funny Videos
Good luck with that nasty knee gash. I heard the healthcare system is great in Mexico.

I actually think it’s kind of funny that there is a song called “Star Trekin’”

Here is the best of the decade. Sure we’ve seen most of the, but I still crapped myself!

Skinny Kid Fails Squatting 600lbs - Watch more Funny Videos
Dear skinny punks, don’t try to squat 600 lbs. it won’t end well!

Andrew Sings His Christmas Song - Watch more Funny Videos
Andrew wishes you a Mewwy Cwithmuth! Why are the best words always the hardest for kids with speech impediments to pronounce?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Short Day Friday so here you go...

Kid Plays Im Yours On Ukelele - Watch more Funny Videos
Given his facial expressions and head banging he should be playing punk rock on his Ukelele.

One of the important aspects of the rope swing is often one of the most overlooked… LET GO!

CBTS needs to hire these guys to work on their new ads! Goodbye Thom Brenneman hello Nintendo music!

Straight Macho Man off the top of a building! You are dead!

Women’s Bowling > Women’s Pool!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back from Mexico!

Sorry, I had some of these ready to go before I left, but didn't have time to post them on Friday!

Ditzy Blonde Chick Faceplants Off Ball - Watch more Funny Videos
I hope Johnny Boy was impressed.

Worst Soccer Shot Miss of All Time - Watch more Funny Videos
Awww damn, he is Chad Hill? Wait for it though at the end, awww damn He got Hamrick’d!

Wow. You are not good at driving quads!

Shot out to Anonymous (here you go Dunner!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday is a day for pictures (and hookers)

So the Wife wanted me to post a picture of Riley since I'm also doing pictures now. This is a picture of a child who has managed to get his entire pacifier in his mouth. He takes after his mom folks, hiyooooo...

Ohhh soccer, why is it so easy?

No really he USED to be fat, not anymore.

Love is patient, love is Kin... and I'm spent...

Apparently Referee #23 has VY on his fantasy team!

I think we have finally found someone to beat Murph at ping pong. Don't be fooled by the flapping arm skin, she is ruthless.

Chocolate Log? That was my nickname in college.

This is on my wall right next to my desk. Motivation all day.

Friday, December 4, 2009


2 hits straight outta NFL Blitz! In a related story I just signed Riley up to play for the Bulldogs in 5 years!

Who didn’t see this coming a mile away? (pun intended).

Kid Starts Backflip Too Early - Watch more Funny Videos
I love the sound a skull makes when it hits something solid.

I love a good parody of the Superbowl Shuffle!

You gotta lube up the bottom of the storage bin with Crisco. Everyone knows that!

Bad news world. It seems as though Jeff Davis has procreated!