Friday, May 7, 2010

Goin' Out Like Elway!

As I stated last week I am a man of the people. The people have spoken and it is time to hang it up. Given the fact that 5 people voted in a week I think that kind of answered the question. Blogs are dead! I’m sorry to say this, but my brother called this back in August when he shut down his. I said that the blog would vanish if you voted for it to vanish, but I changed my mind. When I was 9 years old I hit my first (and last) walk off homerun. I will never forget the feeling of trotting around the bases knowing the game was over and I won it! That is what I want to do with the blog, although I may not be able to recreate me running the bases of Whurzelbacher (sp? (whocares)) Field, I wanted to hit a walk off, Go out like Elway, or whatever cliché works for you so here you go, I give you The Legend of Jim Brockmire.


Friday, April 30, 2010

State of the Blog...

OK here's the deal. Honestly videos have been pretty bad this week, and this is as good a Friday as any to get your feedback. Since I am a man of the people I want to give you what you want. I've been thinking about shuttin down the ole Blog since I have accomplished the acclaimed "Last Man Blogging" status and accomplished my goals. So here's the deal, if you want me to shut it down, I will. If you want me to keep posting videos and the occasional list of (what I think are) funny pictures I'll do that too. Otherwise I'm going to have to resort to getting a Facebook account (3 years too late). So vote on my poll! You have til next Friday at noon, when the blog will either contain new videos, or cease to exist... The fate of about 4 people is in YOUR hands!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

And now to complete your week!

If you heard about the dude who broke in on people having “relations” at a White Sox game, here is apparently what really went down!

The narration for this is pretty low quality, but the video is great!

I need to get this game, although given the graphics it looks like I can only get it on Wii. Yeah I said it Wii sucks! You know it does!

Little Bicycle Drifting Master - Watch more Funny Videos
Annnnndddd… imagine that she’s Asian. This is why I love stereotypes, THEY’RE ALWAYS RIGHT!


Dang, 2 skits worth watching? That may have been the best episode of SNL EVER!!!