Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's kind of Friday! 19 Hours til Nawlins!!!

If you can drift in a Semi, you are pretty much a badass!

I’ve tried to do this, but Ed always catches the blade. I personally love his grunt in slo-mo!

This is better than the kids opening their Nintendo!

Then there is this kid who humps his Xbox at the :50 mark! I think the last 2 videos have proven my point of who’s cooler PS3 guy or Xbox Guy, the answer would be neither!

Wow did KFC just say that you could please a whole bunch of black people with a bucket of chicken? Yikes.

This was my favorite part of Hard Knocks! Who says Marvin is a pushover? Dude I get chills everytime I replay it. Let’s hope he makes a similar speech before Sunday Knights game, and for the playoffs! Who Freakin Dey! Keep lookin down Laverneous’es’es.

Frozen and concussed your life is not good!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some More Pictures.

Since I don't want to hear it from the wife, here's our Christmas picture. That's how a Callahan Christmas goes down, happy baby with KKK hat on, fake fire on the TV, dog on the couch, and too many presents. Welcome to my world!

Damn You soccer! It's too easy people.

Thank You Michigan for your high standards, now if we could just figure out why OSU has so many clogged pipes...


Hmmm, this is what goes down on the Care Bears now? And by "go down" I mean happens, you sick bastards.

Here is a picture of George Hamilton's Mom.

I think I just found my Halloween costume for next year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feliz Navi Christmas! Here's some Videos!

This my friends is what has happened to the homebuilding industry with absolutely no houses to build! Tragic.

Failed Backflip Faceplant Off Trampoline - Watch more Funny Videos
Good luck with that nasty knee gash. I heard the healthcare system is great in Mexico.

I actually think it’s kind of funny that there is a song called “Star Trekin’”

Here is the best of the decade. Sure we’ve seen most of the, but I still crapped myself!

Skinny Kid Fails Squatting 600lbs - Watch more Funny Videos
Dear skinny punks, don’t try to squat 600 lbs. it won’t end well!

Andrew Sings His Christmas Song - Watch more Funny Videos
Andrew wishes you a Mewwy Cwithmuth! Why are the best words always the hardest for kids with speech impediments to pronounce?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Short Day Friday so here you go...

Kid Plays Im Yours On Ukelele - Watch more Funny Videos
Given his facial expressions and head banging he should be playing punk rock on his Ukelele.

One of the important aspects of the rope swing is often one of the most overlooked… LET GO!

CBTS needs to hire these guys to work on their new ads! Goodbye Thom Brenneman hello Nintendo music!

Straight Macho Man off the top of a building! You are dead!

Women’s Bowling > Women’s Pool!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back from Mexico!

Sorry, I had some of these ready to go before I left, but didn't have time to post them on Friday!

Ditzy Blonde Chick Faceplants Off Ball - Watch more Funny Videos
I hope Johnny Boy was impressed.

Worst Soccer Shot Miss of All Time - Watch more Funny Videos
Awww damn, he is Chad Hill? Wait for it though at the end, awww damn He got Hamrick’d!

Wow. You are not good at driving quads!

Shot out to Anonymous (here you go Dunner!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday is a day for pictures (and hookers)

So the Wife wanted me to post a picture of Riley since I'm also doing pictures now. This is a picture of a child who has managed to get his entire pacifier in his mouth. He takes after his mom folks, hiyooooo...

Ohhh soccer, why is it so easy?

No really he USED to be fat, not anymore.

Love is patient, love is Kin... and I'm spent...

Apparently Referee #23 has VY on his fantasy team!

I think we have finally found someone to beat Murph at ping pong. Don't be fooled by the flapping arm skin, she is ruthless.

Chocolate Log? That was my nickname in college.

This is on my wall right next to my desk. Motivation all day.

Friday, December 4, 2009


2 hits straight outta NFL Blitz! In a related story I just signed Riley up to play for the Bulldogs in 5 years!

Who didn’t see this coming a mile away? (pun intended).

Kid Starts Backflip Too Early - Watch more Funny Videos
I love the sound a skull makes when it hits something solid.

I love a good parody of the Superbowl Shuffle!

You gotta lube up the bottom of the storage bin with Crisco. Everyone knows that!

Bad news world. It seems as though Jeff Davis has procreated!

Monday, November 30, 2009

I have more pictures!

OK so maybe this will become a weekly thing. You would be surprised to find out how easy it is to find funny pictures on the intranets.

Which one you goin with? I say Cowboy hat!

So I just found my brother's Christmas present.

The main difference between this picture and other pictures of people on Santa's lap is that there are 2 erections in this photo!

A rare look inside a Hamilton! strip club.

Really? Am I the only one who sees it?

Way to go with the Family Sized Bling!

You boy just became a level 63 Warlock! Next he will attempt to see some boobies (most likely his own).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's kind of Friday. Here you go!

Awww Damn! She got… a concussion! Sorry I couldn’t do it.

Somehow I have managed to find something funny from SNL this year. Miracle. Bring back Deephouse Dish!

Spectacular Speedboat Flip and Crash - Watch more Funny Videos
This is how Ernie drove pre-quad bypass.

This is how I always started off a game of H-O-R-S-E, rarely did I win. Damn you Rob Burnett!

I wish I could say this was the first time that I watched a video containing the words, Giraffe and Facial, but it’snot. (see what I did there?)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday? What?

So here you go my long awaited new segment... Pictures that DJ Hotlunch thinks are funny! Bam here you go! By the way videos will be posted TOMORROW!!! unless my boss tells us to go home before lunch, then they will be posted next week!

Damn you Mario Turtle!

Is it wrong to Tap the Rockies while breastfeeding a child? I say no!

Amen brother. Amen.

There is nothing hotter than a chick resting her gut on a fencepost!

Ladies and Gentlemen I say it again Gary Busey is Superman!

So is this guy taking a pregnant chick hostage or protecting his woman?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Videos Today!

Just an FYI I will be starting a new not so regular feature on my blog next Mon / Tues, come back then to find out!

Epic Seesaw Flip and Failure - Watch more Funny Videos

Soccer Direct Hit Nut Shot - Watch more Funny Videos
Would that be a direct or indirect kick to the nether region?

I had a pair of these back in the 80’s.

Ohhh, Save Me Tom Cruise. That is the sound of skull cracking the floor!

Young Soccer Goalie Scores on Own Team - Watch more Funny Videos
Aww Damn… She Hamrick’d HERSELF!

In case you’re wondering this would be your big balls move of the week!

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday! GO BEARCATS!!!

Haven’t watched much of the Cleveland Show, but he did rap in it one time. P.S. if the editing in this video did not work then blame Simon, he told me about it!

Awwww Damn! He got Hamrick’d! This is how the PRF Raiders did it right here!

If you can figure out what is going on here then you are a better man than I. Wait did he just skeet, skeet, skeet bananas out of his nose on that chick’s lap? I feel dirty!

Marriage Proposal FAIL - Watch more Funny Videos
Fail! Well atleast you can snag a sno cone from that dude!

Damn Rampage just worked that door! He must have just lost a video game, that is the only thing that could make someone that mad!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Videos...Soccer Fans!

Thanks Numa Numa Guy for wearing you headphones so we knew who you were!

This is kind of cool.

Wow AMAZING song writing skills. Enjoy her next song, “Fixin’ me a sammich!”

Once again, if you don’t take a dive you don’t snap your arm in half!

This Chick is tougher than any of the guy soccer players that I have ever shown videos of on this blog! You know she never takes a dive. Look at that back to back soccer videos.

Bike Stunt Fail With Nutshot - Watch more Funny Videos
Wow he almost made it. And by almost I mean he wasn’t even close!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogs are Dead, but I Keep on Kickin!

Awesome Ghostbusters Multitrack - Watch more Funny Videos
Apparently this is a dude. I swear it’s one of the thespians that sit next to me at Bengals games.

Chances are this little kid can kick you’re a$$!

95-Yard Soccer Goal - Watch more Funny Videos
Is it still getting Hamrick’ed if the ball bounces?

Just another reason why a tandem bike is not a good idea.

I’m getting me a Coca-Cola hat with razorblades taped to the back. This video makes me want to be a cop, so I can get trained by a video this awesome!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Early Videos Today.

I don’t know what’s worse, the look on his face or the sound he makes.

Shopping Cart Faceplant - Watch more Funny Videos
Dude definitely left some epidermis on the concrete.

David Wells is the man! Why did the Reds ever let him go? Oh yeah I remember, BECAUSE THEY’RE THE REDS!!!

Well done Japan! Not sure, but this video may have crossed the line??? Next event? Sucking a golfball through a garden hose!!! Thanks hookers.

Who knew that Hitler went to UD? That explains a lot. This video may be a little too long, but still funny!

Man Nike is gonna change the Beer Pong game!

Friday, October 16, 2009

So much time and so little videos.

I always wondered what happened to Hammer’s posse! I need a gold mic though, Bail Out, Bail Out, Bail Out!

No lie we had this on vinyl! Tragically it was lost during the Welch Elementary Carnival in 1989 while being used for the Cake Walk! Damn you Cake why do you have to be so delicious?

Wow this is great! A collection of some of the greatest press conference quotes ever!

I realize this was a commercial, therefore not real, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome!

Super Herpes. Nuff Said. Note this was submitted to the Blogging staff by a person who shall remain anonymous unless they choose to come out of hiding.

How did SNL manage to make a sketch that involved Drew Barrymore funny? By showing as little of her as possible.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who (dare I say it) Dey!

So the wife told me a few days ago that I do not post pictures of Riley on the blog anymore. Here you go woman, even though this post has nothing to do with him. Oh and there really is no need for you to comment on how he is the cutest 7 month old ever, I already know!

It has been a while since I have muttered the magical words "who" and "dey". It’s not that I have given up on the Bengals, just that I have become so cynical about them over the past few years that I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and then go on a 5 game losing streak. But what if it doesn’t happen? What if they continue to win games and go to the playoffs? Do I really want to say that I missed a great year because I was waiting for a good team to fail? I have compared my love for this team to a sickness that I can’t make go away and hopefully this is a year in which that sickness goes into remission and is truly magical a la 2005. I’m still too cynical to say that it will forever be gone, but I want to enjoy the next few months as if I were a fan of any other team (beside the Raiders) in the NFL enjoys winning.
I guess my reason for bucking up one more time and believing is that I see something in this team that hasn’t been there before (even in 2005). They don’t give up and they all think that someone, could be anyone, is going to make a play and win the game. Many people have told me (but mainly Simon) that I am a fool for keeping my tickets and going down there, but I always say there is nothing better than going to a game when they are winning. It’s just fun. The Steelers game may have been the best 3 hours of my life (I say 3 hours because the first half doesn’t count it was horrible). It was great walking back to the car yelling at the Steelers fans who do the same thing to us after they win every other year.
So here is my charge, if you are a Bengals fan don’t hold back, don’t be ashamed to root for your team, and yell “WHO DEY, WHO DEY, WHO DEY THINK GONNA BEAT DEM BENGALS!” whenever you want because we don’t know when this run will end. Hopefully not soon! And if you wanna get down on some Deep Fried Turkey buy a ticket to the next Ravens game on Nov. 8th (tickets are still available) and meet me at Longworth, I’ll be fryin’ it up with a Jew!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday. Sigh.

Bone-Crushing Dirt Bike Faceplant - Watch more Funny Videos
There’s a trip to the ER.

Rip Stick Failure Knockout - Watch more Funny Videos
Who needs skin on their shoulders or back anyway?

Scooter Noob Crashes Hard Into Tree - Watch more Funny Videos
Tree head on is not good.

Thanks Chip Caray for giving us the dreaded “Base Hit – Double Play” unlike your father you WON’T be missed!

It seems as though compilations are all the rage these days on tha intrawebs, so here you go, 50 faceplants in 3 minutes!

OK so I have to post the entire episode of the Office from last knight in order to show you my favorite part. The first 2 minutes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whoops Wrong Blog. My Bad.

On this the 4th birthday of YouTube, I give you YouTube’s greatest hits!

Cannonball Guy Misses Safety Net - Watch more Funny Videos
Whoops, just a little short. My bad.

Rope Swing Fail - Watch more Funny Videos
Rope swings are death traps, this just further proves my point.

I would like to have sexual relations with that taco! No mushrooms please, DJ Hotlunch eats no fungus!

This is the result of a long knight of drinking! Gambino is a beast!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Make me a Banana Cognac BI%$H!"

I always thought it was Cognac, turns out I was wrong!

Sexy New My Humps Dance Routine - Watch more Funny Videos
That’s Haaawwwwtttt! Boom Boom, Bang Bang!


Oompa Loompa Army

Glad to see our money is going to good use.

Female Runner Faceplants Right Before Finish - Watch more Funny Videos
Well at least she got 3rd. Just another example of why women should not be allowed out of the kitchen!

Another Break Dancer Knocked Out - Watch more Funniest Videos
You’ll never guess which kid breaks himself. Oh yeah, well you were right. Breakdancing + Big Black t-shirt = pain!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Why are the players in this game priests?

Is he talking about Roxanne Qualls?

Roof Surfer Wipes Out Hard - Watch more Funny Videos
Just when you think this video can’t get any better, the surf board falls off the roof.

Kanye! Now you’re interrupting the President / Dictator? C’mon man!

EMBED-Inspector Gadget Theme on Beer Bottles - Watch more free videos
How come the only homeless people that I see always rock the original “why lie I just want beer” sign. If I see this guy, I’m emptying out my wallet!

Relationship Survival Guide: Pick Up Lines - Watch more Funny Videos
How are any of these guys single? Where is Robert Fagot?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here you go Simon.

The celebration is almost as good as the dunk. I love the white guy running around!

I’ve had some blowups during sporting events, but this dude is Crazzy! Questions. 1) Why do you have a pom-pom in your pocket to watch a game in your living room? 2) Only 1 N-bomb, really? Are we not in Alabama? 3) How did you spend your Saturdays 4 years ago when Bama was putrid? 4) Where did you buy your video camera Big Lots? and 5) Is that chicks mom really a slut?

Very Painful Tree Backflip Failure - Watch more Funny Videos
You Sir are no Ninja!

Pool Stunt Ends Painfully - Watch more Funny Videos
Morons. They’re like Herpes… You just can’t get rid of them.

Double Flip Ends With Massive Back Flop - Watch more Funny Videos
Dang. Listen to the sound of him smacking the water!

English Man Brutally Knocked Out In Bangkok Bar - Watch more Funny Videos
You don’t F*%k with the Taiwanese! I especially enjoy the end where the chick begins to drag his body out to the back door, where it will be submersed in bleach!

Finally, I give you this. No video. Just some guys lovely Microsoft Paint work. If you are a man and do not have an erection right now there is something wrong with you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrate Labor!?!

Even if he landed it he was still going into the woods at 35 MPH!

Bball Trick Shots Summer Camp Edition - Watch more Funny Videos
Apparently there is a basketball trick shot summer camp. Next year I’m going!

EMBED-Horse Kicks Moron in the Face - Watch more free videos
For real, where is Art Long when we need him? You gotta punch that horse in the mouth son!

Not sure if I’ve ever posted this video, but hey if I did it’s still great!

ASo I guess the makers of the movie “Extract” found a way to get 30 year old dudes to go see it. I'm in!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Only 1 Slow Motion for Simon!

Well I guess we now know why he is on Love Connection! Why doesn’t he just change his name to QueerBait or Homo or Kochgobbler or Ochocinco?

Wow, how she even got on the bull is a mystery to me.

Does anyone else find it ironic that this chick was beating the cameraman with a hoe?

Power Wheels Kid Crashes Down a Hill - Watch more Funny Videos
So the only thing this video was missing was the kid starting it with a “Hi I’m Kenny Rogers and welcome to Jackass!”

German Mascot Piggyback Fail - Watch more Funny Videos
Damn you Berlino!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Week Ends.

This is why I don’t go to the Greenhills Barber Shop anymore!

EMBED-Drunk Girl Versus Glass Table - Watch more free videos
OK so this video is stupid for 1:15, just fast forward to the end.

Darren, you guys doing this song next time you play worship? It’s good…

Kid Discovers Vanessa Hudgens Nude Pics - Watch more Funny Videos
Nothin like a 10 year old Asian porn addict. Nothin.

Perfect BMX 360 Off of Roof - Watch more Funny Videos
Anytime you are at a party, someone is on the roof and you have a video camera in your hand, it is a good time to hit record!

I think J mentioned Astronaut Jones a few weeks back. It took me a while to find it, but here you go!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Week Begins.

Damnit soccer! Why do you make it so easy for me to ridicule you?

Let me just say something about Kings Island, thank God they are not in the business of organizing 5K’s or 10 K’s or any other K’s. We decided to run the 5 K Sunday morning with the Dunner (keep in mind I’ve run maybe 5 times since the marathon in 2007, and am up about 30 lbs since then). I didn’t have such a good day on the running trail, but we did have fun hanging out at the park. First off, the race started 40 minutes late due to the fact that KI was so disorganized and had HUNDREDS of people in line checking in at the same time the race was supposed to start. Then the trail was 90% parking lot and maintenance roads and 10% in the actual park. Then they had no plan for re-entrance into the park if people want to go home and shower and come back (they stamped our hands BEFORE THE RACE, which we all sweated off during the race.) To say that the Dunner and I ran the park with our running bibs when we returned at 10 is an understatement. First we parked for free, then we just walked straight through the gates, and finally walked right up to the gold pass entrance and got waved through by the security guards just by showing them the bib. We waited longer ON Diamondback then we waited for Diamondback. It took 15 minutes to get on the ride, then we got stuck outside the terminal for 25 minutes when someone had a seizure getting off the ride (yes they told us he had a seizure which pretty much breaks every HIPPA law possible). Then we rode Fire Hawk (the flying ride), then Flight of Fear and the Racer all between 10 and 11:30! It’s pretty certain that if we would have wanted to eat lunch for free or punch SpongeBob in the face or bring back the Dolphins doing Tricks we would have been allowed to AS LONG AS WE HAD OUR RUNNING BIBS! It was like someone said “welp we got no plan so might as well let the runners do whatever the hell they want!” It was great.

Then last knight I watched some golf. I know that I may catch some flack from the sports world for this, but I kind of enjoyed Y.E. Yang’s victory over Tiger yesterday. I did the old “TiVo” it now and watch it when I get home from the in-law’s house again, only this time I knew the outcome before I watched the entire round. Here are the reasons why I was silently rooting for Y.E. (while yelling for Tiger to make a putt (which he cannot)).
1) My dude Y.E. waved to the cameras NO LESS than 317 times during the back nine! No one in golf does that. He embraced the situation for what it was, he was in a no lose situation and he knew it! If he shoots for the stick on every hole and wins he is a national (and global, face it only Amurrikans want Tiger to win) hero. If he bogies out after 12 holes and shoots a 7 over, then he is in the same boat as hundreds of men before him who could not handle the pressure of Tiger’s presence on the final day of a major.
2) I still like Tiger, but his entire schtick is just growing old on me. We know we know if you miss a putt it is because the green didn’t break the way it was supposed to, not because YOU CAN’T PUTT LATELY!!! It just seems that he really believes that he is entitled to win all majors.
3) If you play golf like a pimp for 2 days and like a (kids cover your ears) VAGINA for 2 days you do not deserve to win. I am so tired of seeing him play the safe shot! If you shoot even par and the rest of the field is -3 or -4 guess what? THEY'RE GAINING ON YOU! STEP UP!!!
4) Never again do we have to hear how “Tiger has never lost a tournament when leading after 54 holes.” This alone should have been enough reason for you to be rooting for Y.E. Of course now when Tiger is leading after Saturday it will be “Remember in 2009 when Y.E. Yang played superbly on Sunday to defeat Tiger Woods by 3 strokes, when Tiger was leading after 54 holes. Prior to that no one had ever beaten Tiger when he was leading that late into a Major.” Thanks Jim Nance, now go sit in the Butler Cabin with Hootie until we are ready to hear from you again at Augusta!
5) I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but YOU CAN’T PUTT!!! I putt better in my boss’s office with a collapsible putter than you do. Why is everyone else making putts and you are missing them? You suck Tiger! By the way I’ll be rooting for you again in 2 weeks at The Barclays.