Monday, July 28, 2008

Miguel Cotto? Sob.

All I can say is dang! What a fight, if you missed it chances are you will need to be ther for Cotto/Margarito II because it IS going to happen... SOON! As you may have heard I'm kind of a big Coto fan, and that is not changing. I just gained a TON of respect for your boy Antonio Margarito. I gave him no love last week, but I must say, dudes face is steel plated! He took punch after punch from Cotto and he looked like he went 10 rounds with me after the fight!!! It was ridiculous, fight of the last few years indeed! Cotto has nothing to be ashamed of, he fought his fight and was winning (by very little) when he got knocked out. I remember thinking during the fight that he didn't need to knock out Margarito, just last 12 rounds. That did not happen (obviously). Margarito's jaw was ridiculous, Cotto could have had a sledgehammerand he wasn't going down. Anyway to make a long story short (too late) I walked in a HUGE Cotto fan and walked away with mad props to your boy Margarito!
The fight kind of ruined my weekend though, my Sunday was alot like midseason Bengals Mondays after they get thumped. I guess I was more of a fan of Cotto than I thought I was. First thing I did when I woke up was make sure that Cotto didn't die in his sleep Saturday knight, and then I checked back in throughout the day. He'll be alright, he'll fight some schmuck in December/January, then Margarito again in July/August next year. It just sucks that he was about to get all the props that he deserves and lost it in an instant. He'll be back, trust me. I guess Mayweather will be scheduling his comeback right about now since he wouldn't have to answer questions about fighting Cotto for a while.

Poll Question, why is Simon a bastard? The whole time it was just "Brad there goes your boy, there goes your boy." I know Deutsch bag he's in the process of getting knocked the fuu out, just let it happen Dick!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday is for Lovers... and VIDEOS!!!

Great clips from news guys slipping up!

Bike Jump Disaster - Watch more free videos

This is why chicks should stay in the kitchen and off bikes!

How True Guitar Heroes Are Made - Watch more free videos

Good thing he wasn't playing Rock Band, drum sets to the gonads are painful.

1 Guy Beats Hardest Guitar Hero Level - Watch more free videos

I don't expect you to watch the whole thing, take my word for it, it is AMAZING! We thought J's brother was good (because he's a ninja), this guy blows Adrian out of the water!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have just received a reply from Toprank. That's what I call a response, America needs to take a que from boxing promoters on customer service! These people want our money! Here it is...


The official beer is Tecate, and the fight is also sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico.


From: Brad Callahan []
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2008 10:20 AM
To: Rebecca Sage
Subject: Cotto/Margarito

My buddies and I are buying the Cotto fight Saturday night. One problem, we would like to drink the official alcohol of the fight and I don't know what it is. I figured since you guys are promoting it you'll know whose name will be on the ring. If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it.


Brad Callahan, Cincinnati, OH

BAM! Just like that, gettin S*%T DONE! That's how I do it! Crap I spelled knight wrong in the email. It does suck however that we're gonna have to drink Rums of Puerto Rico all knight!


Incase you were wondering, my boyfriend is on the LEFT! Holy crap I don't think I've been this fired up for a fight since Mayweather/De La Homo (which I didn't see, since I was busy carbloading for 26.2 miles of hell). I have spent the last 1 1/2 hours trying to find the official alcohol sponsor of the fight for myself and The Dunner. It ended up with me (no joke) emailing the promoter Toprank to see if they would let me know. I mean hey they got nothing better to do 2 days before their biggest fighter is featured in one of the biggest PPV fights of the year. If they don't email me back then they have no interest in promoting boxing. I figured that promoters are prettymuch the biggest whores (besides B's mom) on earth, and all I was doing was asking them what liquor to buy. Here's to hoping it's not "Rum's of Puerto Rico." I'm putting up a new poll regarding boxing strictly for my own info, so go click on an answer, it takes atleast 3 seconds.

Last knight was fun, I have finally reached the home stretch on the parents porch. If you didn't know I have been redoing the CEILING on my parents porch as a result of HomeArama. To date they have invested 3 G's in the (I'll say it again) CEILING!!! It costs some jack to live like those rich bastards in Mason. Keep in mind I've done it all (well mom stained the bead board) so there is absolutely no labor in that 3 gir. If I were to do this for someone else, I'd charge them atleast 5 g's. Once we get it done I'll post a few pictures so you can all admire my work (both of you).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Interweb is full of morons!

Guess which word I used like 15 times? I saw this on Dave Workman's blog. Who in their right mind let's people type whatever they want and expects them to not type penis 100 times. If nothing else it did brighten my day a little bit and hopefully yours... Even though no one reads blogs anymore (or posts coments).

Today started out with great potential for awesomeness! I walked into the offiec to what? NO POWER! So 5 of us who showed up on time this morning were sitting in the waiting area shootin the sh, and we decide to call Duke. After holding for 45 minutes we find out that Madisonville (or as the locals call it Masinvil) won't have power until 6...PM! By this point it is 9 am and we have done nothing. The owner rolls in and begins to tell us to go home and as I get about half way to my office, I actually heard the laugh of God as the power flicks back on. S....O....B! What looked like a wonderful waste day turned into a normal work day. Oh well worse things have happened... just not in a long time!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Over the weekend we visited Lindsey's cousin in Logan (Hocking Hills), OH. Her husband and I got into a long discussion about the greatness of The Upright Citizens Brigade, and I remembered my favorite sketch "Ass Pennies." Man I wish that show was still on. I'm still working on a video for the Little Donny Foundation. The only one they had on youtube had a big add in the middle of it.

In sports related news, I just found my new favorite baseball player. He is the closer for KC, has something like 25 saves this year... His name Joakim "The Mexicutioner" Soria. Maybe the greatest nickname since we started calling Fish "Jew." So let me get this straight we payed 48 mil for "CoCo" when we could have had "The Mexicutioner" for much less? Today I have lost all hope for the reds! I know I know it should have happened months ago.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Missed One!

What Would Kimbo Do? Episode 3 - Watch more free videos

"It's Friday, You ain't got no job..."

I don't know why, but it appears the blogosphere has slowed down lately, so here is my contribution. Support your local bloggers.

No Batman symbol???

Awesome! First thing I'm doing in the new house... Glueing sandals to the hardwood!

Someone, somewhere has waaayyy too much time on their hands! Really makes me miss my old Nokia phone, I luv me some snake!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Midsummer Classic!

Wow that kind of makes me wish I'd kept my Ron Dugans jersey... All I'd have to do is change the nameplate.

Some things have happened in sports in the last few days that have made me EXTREMELY happy and EXTREMELY pissed off, here they are. JOSH FRICKIN HAMILTON! Damn, I know that my brother and I are the only people who still watch the Home Run Derby, but hopefully you have atleast seen clips on youtube by now. Dude went bonkers, I didn't keep track but he had to have hit 10 in a row with 8 outs! He hit 28... IN THE FIRST ROUND! You can't do that in wiffle ball, and these were 500 footers! It was maybe the best display of hitting I have ever seen, and keep in mind I watched Wily Mo (batting practice legend) take bp over 50 times. I'm not going to bash the Reds for trading him (like all the morons calling in to the talk shows have today) but I would love it if he were still here and we had Volquez (impossible). I had a man crush on him before last knight, and I have had full on man BONER since about 9:30 yesterday.

Brett Fav-rah, what a Deutsch bag! Pretty simple, dude I used to love you. Now I just wish you would hang'em up. This is what happens when you come home after playing in the NFL and banging 20 year old groupies for 18 years and realize that part of your life is over. Or maybe he just realized that Murph's fantasy team would fall apart without him. PS Murph's team fell apart years ago!

The whole Volquez not starting the All Star Game also kind of bothered me. Not only is he not starting, but he didn't even have a chance according to Clint Hurdle. It came down to Zambrano (10 W's, 78 K's, 2.84 ERA) Webb (13 W's, 112 K's, 3.23 ERA) and Ben Sheets (10 W's, 108 K's, 2.85 ERA). Volquez has 12 W's, 126 K's, and a 2.29 ERA. He is the only person in the top 4 in the NL in all of those stats. Theoretically he is the only pitcher who has a shot at the pitching Triple Crown. I'm sick of reds pitchers getting no love at all, wether it's Harang not getting Cy Young votes (ridiculous) or this, throw us a bone!

Billy Packer is DONE, praise allah! ONIONS! way to go CBS.

Finally our boy Jose Canseco got knocked the fuuuh out by who you ask? Vai frickin Sikahema! That's right the most entertaining punt returner of all time, well maybe just my favorite football name. I read on his wikipedia page that he is a mormon, so add him to the list of great mormon football players, that's right Steve Young. I also read that Ladanian Tomlinson touched me in my happy place after a playoff game, on his wiki page so who knows how accurate the mormon thing is. I will edit Vai Sikihema's page now to say that he is fighting Money Mayweather in December, let's see how long that lasts.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Video Funhouse!

Kind of reminds me of the Pork n Beans video. I stopped watching South Park a few years ago (well my wife made me stop watching), but these guys may be the smartest writers on tv.

This is why Jimmy is better than ALL other Late Knight hosts (sorry Conan it's true).

Dude Slams Into Ramp On Lake Jump - Watch more free videos

No Sound, but you know dude is hurtin!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sexual Seduction!

Holy Crap what a weekend! Just when you think your life is spiraling out of control and your life is ending (not really) a great weekend comes along and changes EVERYTHING! Rarely do I have a weekend that seems like it lasts forever, but I just did. The best part is that there were no family obligations that usually accompany a long weekend and kill one of the days. Thursday knight after 15 minutes of the Fairfield fireworks we made our way to Lawrenceburg at 11:30 for fireworks. After we sloshed around in the mud there, we settled on the "Big Ass Balls" (gee guess why we picked it) combo pack that had many good explosives in it. Friday was great, I worked on my parents' porch for a while, then we had the big grillout at Justin's house, where we gorged ourselves on hot dogs, Cheerwine, and crick water. Around 9:30 we started blowin stuff up and by 9:50 (maybe 9:45) we were done. $200 well worth it. I think at somepoint in that knight I realized an important thing, fireworks are much better when you are the one setting them off. I know that there are professionals that do the stuff for free and all, but I just love lighting fireworks, it's fun to me. I like the fact that as soon as one shot off we all ran in and punched eachother to light the next one.

Saturday knight was special, to say the least. Dunner and I went to see 311 or three one one. If you remember my last post about a 311 concert, this one will be nothing like that one. This concert reminded me why I love 311, they are incredible live, and the crowd smokes a crap load of weed. As usual this concert was a great people-watching experience. We saw a few 60 year olds in 311 garb, and more high school girls dressed for homecoming, how that happens I have no idea. The highlight of the knight though may have been your boy Snoop Dogg. First they carry out a 6 foot cardboard cutout of a Cognac bottle, and another one of a liquor bottle shaped like a chick. Then the Cou De Gras, a 7 foot pot leaf was hoisted "high" above the stage, much to the crowd's pleasure. Then the music starts and here comes your man Big Snoop Dogg, decked out with Bengals nylon pants, Chand Johnson jersey and orange receiver's gloves, and he's throwin up West Side under the pot leaf. At that point I think to myself... "Why the Hell didn't I bring my camera?" Then late in the set he broke things down and sang a special song for the ladies, "Sexual Seduction!!!"

Sunday Linds and I went to the Reds game with my uncle and aunt, it was great we sat in section 133 (great seats) and we were the last row that was in the shade all game. I'm guessing this was a 20 degree difference from the people in the sun, with no wind. I played the Adam Dunn homerun/strikeout game with my uncle right before Dunner 1.0 hit a 3 run jack. I of course had strikeout, uncle Dave had homerun.

Monday was my big golf tournament with Mo Egger. Let's just say Mo is not that good at golf, it was pretty damn funny. It was hillarious, after the ranger tells us the rules of golf (all of them), Mo tops his drive and it goes 7 feet. So Mo does what any normal hacker would do, we walks over picks it up, walks back to the tee and hits another one. At that point I thought the ranger was going to have a heart attack, and we explained to him that Mo and myself were just there to have a nice fun round of golf. If you don't listen to Mo, he recapped his round of 138 today on his show, but did fail to mention one thing, it was a VERY generous 138! He came in last... BY 31 STROKES! He was funny about it, but at the same time you could tell he was a little pissed/embarassed. Oh well, I had a good time actually. I enjoyed a round of golf for the first time in a long time. My goal was to break 100 and I shot a 97, so I won there. Then I looked online at the results today, and I saw someone with a 5.6 handicap shot a 106! Damn, that is beyond awful. If you don't know much about golf, let me put it in perspective. That is like finding out that your 1st grade reading teacher is illiterate. This is a guy expecting to shoot a 77, and he shot 106. There are people who play their entire life (me included) who are not a 5 handicap and would only dream of shooting a 77, that's the level this guy is on. And he came in third to last place.

Today added to the joy of the weekend when I heard that Ron Mexico is going bankrupt. What's that I smell??? Karma Baby!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Videos!

Since I'm about to leave in an hour for 4 days I figured I'd give you some videos a day early! Hope you both have an awesome 4th of July. Blow some crap up and launch a 2" mortar into someone's garage! Speaking of fireworks, are we getting any fireworks for J's house. Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood quite like blowing the place to hell! If we are blowing crap up and need to make a run, I'm free to go to Indy tomorrow if someone wants to join me. P.S. if you're there you're chipping in for explosives, I'm not rich like Ernie!

Erik Estrada Attacked By Little Person - Watch more free videos

Eric Estrada, you sexy beast! Check out the look on the Midget's face.

Little Kid Breaks Arm - Watch more free videos

Jeff Davis Jr???

Swingset Breaks Causing Rider To Faceplant - Watch more free videos