Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby it's cold outside.

Trick Soccer Throw-In Destroys Kid - Watch more Sports Videos
This is what happens when you are a Deutschbag and stand infront of a guy throwing the ball in. Looks like the type of thing Simon would do to be a dick.

The Second Immaculate Reception - Watch more Free Videos
Did Terry Tate switch teams?

Terribly Painful Ramp Stunt Failure - Watch more Free Videos
Higher education at it's finest. How did I miss out on this? I went to 8 different colleges and saw this at none of them!

Frisky Dolphin Finds A Friend - Watch more Free Videos
Dolphin thrust.

And just because I mentioned him... An oldie but goodie.

you're welcome.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Balls of Steel.

The dude on the left is that of one Seth Petru-somethin. Basically he was the dude who knocked Kimbo the fuhh out! This was his Halloween Costume. Dang! Two major points come to mind here. 1) Dude has the biggest balls of anyone on the planet! He basically threw a hail mary and scored a touchdown. It was like a bum winning the lottery and he should remember that. If he ever fights again (he shouldn't) he'll lose. Even more if Kimbo sees this picture no doubt some street justice will ensue. 2) No matter how much of a BAMF you are (or think you are) it is never the time to go Black Face for Halloween! EVER. Sure he knocked out Kimbo, but it's only gonna take a few dudes to put him in a body bag.

Lastly as I was flippin through channels last knight I stubmled upon the imfamous "Snakes on a Plane" just in time to see some dude get "dick-bitten" by a cottonmouth. So naturally I found the next showing and DVR'ed it (much easier than Ti-Vo'ing something, and I didn't have to sell my soul to do so). My question is this, should I watch Snakes on a Plane? I mean I think I probably saw the best 3 seconds of the movie and it can only go downhill from there right? When I filpped back 20 minutes later there were like 300 snakes everywhere and Sam Jackson was giving them all the shocker, that just seemed unrealistic. I mean come on 10 snakes I can believe, but 500 is non-fiction. I thought it was based on actual events. Like in Deep Blus Sea when Sam L. gets snatched off the dock by a flying shark.

Not as good as this though!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hate when I put my videos on the wrong blog!

Brian asked for a snake handling video. Here I give you two great things. Snake handling and... BILLY RAY CYRUS! This is a crazy long video, but it was the only one I could find with BRC in it.

Here are some crazy-a$$ pentecostals. If you wanna crap your pants skip ahead to the 1:30 mark and watch what the chick in the blue sweater does. Kind of reminds me of YL club with Rainman flopping all over the floor.

Awful Nutshot Prank With Shovel - Watch more Free Videos
I know how much Simon loves slow motion... But how about fast motion?

This is a segment from my favorite new show Chocolate News. If you're not watching Choclate News, you're missing out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yeeeehhhhaaaawwww... Jester's Dead!

Let me tell you what I love about having a crapload of channels to surf. Last knight as my wife was watching the Country Music Awards (don't ask) I was surfing the channel guide and what did I find? Top friggin Gun! Now here is the best part about finding a great movie like Top Gun (by the way it was on Starz so it was shown in original format not on TBS), it completely takes you by suprise! I have this movie in my collection, but I never sit down to watch it because I never think about it. But when you are channel surfing and you stumble upon it (and nothing else is on) it's kind of like winning the lottery (well winning 10 bucks in a scratch off, but you get my point). Point is it took me back to my childhood, I cranked up the music for all my favorite tunes and watched the volleyball scene 3 times, which for my money is the best homoeroctic scene in movie history!
This brings me to another topic. Soundtracks, what ever happened to them? Remember the classics like Rocky, Top Gun... Cool Runnings. I remember watching a movie and thinking to myself dang I need to go straight from here (super saver cinema) to Sam Goody and buy that soundtrack because it was awesome! I know that they still put some soundtracks out (High School Musical) but no one cares about them anymore. The last movie that I wanted to purchase the soundtrack for was Talladega (K)Nights and I couldn't find it anywhere. By the time I saw it in the store I was kinf od less pumped about it and decided to download the songs I liked on itunes.

What was the last Soundtrack you bought/just had to have?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yeah yeah kill some time.

Stanford Student Flips Out After Leveling - Watch more Free Videos
This is how one celebrates reaching Level 60 in World of Warcraft? I know how he DIDN'T celebrate. Hint it rhymes with SEX!

Brutal San Shou Knockout - Watch more Sports Videos
Lights out SON!

Come On Down! - Watch more Entertainment
Ahhh the old flying teabag! Waaaiiittt for it.

Maybe one of the most impressive talents ever. But can he handle... DAS BOOT!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Videos!

These are some poorly shot videos with my camdamera from Notre Dame. Not the best quality, but you get the idea!

Notre Dame Fight Song!

Playin Pipers!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wake up the echos!

I know I know my Irish lost on my only visit to South Bend, but hey I really wasn’t expecting a victory when I bought the tickets. I’ll tell you what I was expecting (and received) was one of the greatest and most memorable days of my life. I don’t think I have ever been surrounded my so much history in my life. I know that I am a ND honk so I may be a little biased, but it was awesome. If you like football and the history of it you owe it to yourself to visit South Bend on game day. I lost track of how many times I got chills upon seeing something.

We left at 6:00 in the a.m. and the drive was not as bad as I thought. We basically got on a 4 lane highway (31) that serves only one purpose, going from Indy to South Bend. It was like a mass exodus. Everyone that I was driving along side was also going to the game, it was like I was part of something big. So we arrive at 10:15 (game time is 2:30) and thought we were gonna have to kill a lot of time. I parked in some dudes back yard for 20 bucks and our first stop on the tour (obviously) was the library! If you don’t know your ND history the library is the spot of the infamous Touchdown Jesus! (chills #1). We kind of mulled around there for a few minutes and snapped some photos and headed for our next stop, the golden dome (which is referred to as the general building, bad name for a great building). We took more pictures, toured the dome and then watched the ND bagpipe band (there was a piper down!) Then I rubbed a nose (it’s good luck) at the Rockne Memorial. After that it was time to stand there and watch as young strapping boys in suits walked from church to their football game. I got a good picture of Jimmy, and Lindsey replied that “those were some good lookin white boys.” We went from there to the bookstore where surprisingly enough my wife allowed me to go nuts and buy some stuff. We then ate lunch in the basement of the Law Building and headed for the game!

I must be honest I thought I was gonna have a moment like in Rudy when his dad breaks down as he enters the stadium. It was an amazing sight that I have dreamt about for many years, but I managed to keep it together. Our seats (6” x 20” piece of wood to sit on) were 22 rows from the field on the south goal line. One problem, we were sitting directly behind the Pitt band in the Pitt section. Lindsey sat behind the most neurotic lady I have ever met, it was comical. The game itself was exciting. I really thought they had a chance, then Charlie got his hands on the offense late in the game. In the first OT ND had the ball on the Pitt 3 yard line on first down. All they had to do was get 3 yards and they would win (Pitt already kicked a fg). So naturally I get out the camera to catch the winning TD live. To no avail we run 3 horrible plays and take the field goal. I wasn’t surprised by the outcome, but I was very disappointed in the coaching effort from my boy Charlie. Man that was horrible coaching. I heard Tyrone will be available at the end of the year! Maybe we can have a Tyrone reunion.

Pictures and video will be up once I figure out how to link them and post on YouTube!