Friday, September 25, 2009

"Make me a Banana Cognac BI%$H!"

I always thought it was Cognac, turns out I was wrong!

Sexy New My Humps Dance Routine - Watch more Funny Videos
That’s Haaawwwwtttt! Boom Boom, Bang Bang!


Oompa Loompa Army

Glad to see our money is going to good use.

Female Runner Faceplants Right Before Finish - Watch more Funny Videos
Well at least she got 3rd. Just another example of why women should not be allowed out of the kitchen!

Another Break Dancer Knocked Out - Watch more Funniest Videos
You’ll never guess which kid breaks himself. Oh yeah, well you were right. Breakdancing + Big Black t-shirt = pain!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Why are the players in this game priests?

Is he talking about Roxanne Qualls?

Roof Surfer Wipes Out Hard - Watch more Funny Videos
Just when you think this video can’t get any better, the surf board falls off the roof.

Kanye! Now you’re interrupting the President / Dictator? C’mon man!

EMBED-Inspector Gadget Theme on Beer Bottles - Watch more free videos
How come the only homeless people that I see always rock the original “why lie I just want beer” sign. If I see this guy, I’m emptying out my wallet!

Relationship Survival Guide: Pick Up Lines - Watch more Funny Videos
How are any of these guys single? Where is Robert Fagot?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here you go Simon.

The celebration is almost as good as the dunk. I love the white guy running around!

I’ve had some blowups during sporting events, but this dude is Crazzy! Questions. 1) Why do you have a pom-pom in your pocket to watch a game in your living room? 2) Only 1 N-bomb, really? Are we not in Alabama? 3) How did you spend your Saturdays 4 years ago when Bama was putrid? 4) Where did you buy your video camera Big Lots? and 5) Is that chicks mom really a slut?

Very Painful Tree Backflip Failure - Watch more Funny Videos
You Sir are no Ninja!

Pool Stunt Ends Painfully - Watch more Funny Videos
Morons. They’re like Herpes… You just can’t get rid of them.

Double Flip Ends With Massive Back Flop - Watch more Funny Videos
Dang. Listen to the sound of him smacking the water!

English Man Brutally Knocked Out In Bangkok Bar - Watch more Funny Videos
You don’t F*%k with the Taiwanese! I especially enjoy the end where the chick begins to drag his body out to the back door, where it will be submersed in bleach!

Finally, I give you this. No video. Just some guys lovely Microsoft Paint work. If you are a man and do not have an erection right now there is something wrong with you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrate Labor!?!

Even if he landed it he was still going into the woods at 35 MPH!

Bball Trick Shots Summer Camp Edition - Watch more Funny Videos
Apparently there is a basketball trick shot summer camp. Next year I’m going!

EMBED-Horse Kicks Moron in the Face - Watch more free videos
For real, where is Art Long when we need him? You gotta punch that horse in the mouth son!

Not sure if I’ve ever posted this video, but hey if I did it’s still great!

ASo I guess the makers of the movie “Extract” found a way to get 30 year old dudes to go see it. I'm in!