Friday, January 30, 2009

Dan Majerle = Best NBA Jam Player EVER!

Lake Bike Jump Goes Very Wrong - Watch more Free Videos

Double Alley-Oop NBA Jam Style - Watch more Sports Videos
Anyone else hearing the guy from NBA Jam say "Boom, Shacka Lacka!"

Coolest Wrestling Move You'll Ever See - Watch more Free Videos
This is a clip from Rey Misterio Jr's. little brother... Steve Misterio Jr! Awesome!

Bud Bowl will be back this year! (though not as good as McRib being back) Here is their "secret spot" which anyone can see by sending Bud a text message (or by pressing play on my blog).

And finally for my new weekly segment within a segment the "SNL Video of the WEEK!!! Thanks to my brother for reminding me about this one!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!!! (not me)

I love Cincinnati! I love everything about the area, I love how if a Reds player hits a towering 250 ft. popup the crowd screams like he hit it into the river. I love how people still refuse to cheer for UC Basketball since the got rid of an overrated coach 5 years ago. But most of all I love how every time we get 2+ inches of snow people act like Jesus is coming back! Are you kidding me? I had to leave at 6:15 to get to work by 7:30 this morning (barely). It's only a few inches of snow people!

Last knight as I was watching the school closings roll along the bottom of the screen (before a flake of snow fell) I remembered watching the closings when I was a young buck. Not to sound like the "back when I was young" guy, but I am about to. I remember the magical accumulation in order to get a day off school was around 6" maybe less with ice. But we NEVER got off school for a 3" snow, possibly a delay, but certainly not off. This is all part of the wussification of America, and everyone is so afraid of getting sued that they just call off school or work. It's easier, than parents taking responsibility and actually teaching their kids how to drive in the snow (it's not that hard). Honestly I just think it's crazy!

It reminds me of this really great story of when I was learning to drive and I was in the Topaz. I'm just going along and it's snowing outsi.... Welp they just told us to go home for the day. I'M OUT!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Videos. That's All.

Reporter Missteps on Obamas' Love Life - Watch more TV Videos
Barak and Michelle do whatt??? I sense a Presidential sex tape coming on!

Really??? As fast as Kenyans?

This is why I hate Steelers fans. Really, a Terrible Towel at the Inauguration? I hate you!

I don't know if this is as good as dick in a box, but I saw it a while back and shat myself!

And since I was talking about him the other day...Dominican Lou!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Angry Whopper > Spicy Ator

I typically don't give you a message with my Friday videos, but I just had an Angry Whopper (no bacon of course), I give it a solid A-. It is slightly better than the Spicy Ator from Wendy's. It would have scored higher but for some reason it had bar-b-que sauce on it??? Just give me the Whopper with the hot stuff, no bacon or bbq thanks.

You got BACOOOOOOOOOON'D! Damn I hate bacon (Kevin Bacon too).

Bunny Hop Goes Bad - Watch more Free Videos
My Bad...

Tuber Slams Into Docked Boat - Watch more Free Videos
This wouldn't have been nearly as bad in the water bullet (coffin).

How to Smash Watermelons - Watch more Free Videos
I like my watermelon cut in nicer pie shaped pieces thank you. Nevermind her weave falling out!

OK this is a little long, but very accurate (of my life atleast) especially at the 2:35 mark!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You asked for it!

Most Painful Mousetrap Gag Ever - Watch more Free Videos
I figured I would shut down the poll since 9 people have voted and only 1 (most likely Lindsey) said not to post it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gangsta Party! - Vote on my Poll!

Dude Endures Paintball Firing Squad - Watch more Free Videos
Dang! Some foul language, but it's worth it!

Little Kid Whacks Dad With DVD - Watch more Free Videos
This is my living room, Christmas Day in about 3 years!

Kathy Griffin Tells Off Heckler - Watch more Free Videos
I don't know why, but I've always thought Kathy Griffin was funny. Maybe because she is like a female version of me! Comedy none the less.

Kid Goes Insane On Christmas - Watch more Free Videos
Is this kid better than Nintendo 64 kid???

Kid Suffers Faceplant and Screams - Watch more Free Videos
Foul language again, but it's worth it to see this little choad break himself! Hey kid you forgot to take the stickers off and break in the bill of your gangster hat! Deutsch!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So it’s been a week since the catastrophe in Miami and I guess I am starting to get better, thanks for the cards and email well wishes… I am going to sit down and watch my first football game since the Orange Bowl toknight. I guess I have a few questions;

1) Why the hell is the National Championship game on January 8th? I remember when I was just a young buck and we would have to go back to school on January 2nd, Brian and I would beg our parents to let us stay up and watch the Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl or whatever game was going to determine the National Champion. Really I would like for all games to be over by New Years Day, but I know that is not gonna happen. So if they must go beyond 1/1 then why not finish it up on the Friday knight after New Year’s Day? It doesn’t conflict with NFL and is still on a weekend knight where the genital public doesn’t have to stay up til midknight on a school/work knight.

2) What is all the fuss about Utah? I know they went undefeated, but c’mon, in the Mountain West Conference??? Give me a break, that’s not real football. Go through the SEC, Big 12, Big 2 (that’s right with the emergence of Penn State it has become the Big 2), or even Big East undefeated and we’ll talk, but when your most impressive Conference win is BYU (the fightin’ Mormons played no one either) you don’t have a leg to stand on. Even with a “Plus 1” format I don’t see them getting into the Plus 1 game! My BCS cheat sheet still has Texas at #3 and there is no way that Utah is going from #6 to #2 with a win over Bama. So then what now they are gonna want a “Plus 2”? This is why we need a playoff people! If you put 8 teams in a playoff with automatic bids and a few at large berths according to the BCS standings here’s what you got:
1) Big 12, Oklahoma
2) SEC, Florida
3) At Large, Texas
4) At Large, Bama
5) Pac 10, USC
6) Big 10, Penn State
7) Big East, UC
8) ACC, Virginia Tech
Guess what? That’s by the numbers (with no bias) and Utah didn’t even make it! Sorry but even if they do go to a playoff (they won’t) there will always be automatic bids because that’s how the NCAA works. So in this case there is no way that Utah is jumping over Bama or Texas for an automatic bid, tough sh*T!

3) My next question would be this. If you are a college football coach would you rather have an undefeated season in the Mountain West, ORRRR a 1 loss season in the SEC or Big 12? If you said 1 loss in the SEC or Big 12 you would be correct! All other answers are considered moronic and I have pitty on your thinking.
That is all… I’m off to the Shriner’s Burn Center to get a skin graft for my hand after my minor Router accident last knight while working on my Fantasy Football Trophy. The bastard that gets it this year (not me) better appreciate all my hard work!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Stil Bummed...

Enter the Kazoo Man - Watch more Free Videos

Terrible Backflip Into Faceplant - Watch more Free Videos
That's what you get for liking boys! Notice them trying to bring sexy back at the end of the video.

Painful Collision with Dumpster - Watch more Free Videos
He deserves the cracked sternum!

I thought he'd have to search his knee to find his weiner!

First Math, then the Spelling Bee and now Asian's are better at playing guitar, Damnit! Maybe Matt Hemingway hooked up with a massage parlor chick 8 years ago!


Say what you will about Kerry Coombs (he's a jackass, loudmouth, whatever) dude cares about his kids. I didn't see this on tv, but when I heard about it on the radio I had tears in my eyes. Him and Goodman have been a part of eachothers lives for the past 8 years and he was there for Dom when he needed him. Kerry Coombs is a HELL of a coach and he's going places (hopefully it's with UC).

Wow what a horrible way to end a year (and start a new one)... I don't think I've been this depressed over a loss from a Cincinnati team in a long time (maybe 2005 Bengals-steelers playoff game). I guess I just didn't want them to come out and "lay an egg." Which they did and more. They played awful against an ok team. VT's offense is not good, (112th in the Nation) and UC's defense made them look like Oklahoma. I like Brian Kelly I really do, but he makes some really questionable calls sometimes. 1st and goal on the 3 and you pass the ball on 1st and 2nd down??? I believe my brother put it best in a text message during the 2nd quarter... "Run the GD ball!"

I think in order to quiet all the haters that have given them so much crap the past 5 weeks or so about how bad the Big East is and how weak of a schedule UC played and blah, blah, blah, the Bearcats had to win to not lose all that this past year accomplished. Yeah congrats you made it back to the Orange Bowl, guess what??? You got rolled up by a mediocre team! I knew it the moment they interviewed Kelly before the game and he had a HUGE smile on his face. What did he have to smile about? Bigtime coaches aren't smiling BEFORE the game, they are pissed off train wrecks and they don't smile until the have a bowl full of fake oranges at the end of the game! I really think he was just happy to be there and that was a mistake. Maybe next time (there WILL be a next time in the next 3 years) UC will treat this trip like VT did. A business trip!