Friday, April 30, 2010

State of the Blog...

OK here's the deal. Honestly videos have been pretty bad this week, and this is as good a Friday as any to get your feedback. Since I am a man of the people I want to give you what you want. I've been thinking about shuttin down the ole Blog since I have accomplished the acclaimed "Last Man Blogging" status and accomplished my goals. So here's the deal, if you want me to shut it down, I will. If you want me to keep posting videos and the occasional list of (what I think are) funny pictures I'll do that too. Otherwise I'm going to have to resort to getting a Facebook account (3 years too late). So vote on my poll! You have til next Friday at noon, when the blog will either contain new videos, or cease to exist... The fate of about 4 people is in YOUR hands!!!

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